Hello there! I’m Lindsay, a lifestyle pet photographer based in NYC and available for commissions worldwide. I specialize in making the home a happier place with the creation and display of gorgeous portraits of pets and the people they love!

I have a fun (and occasionally annoying) husband Jake and the most loving and energetic puppy dog Zoë (a.k.a. Zoë the bear, Poopsicles, Boë the bear, Boopsitie, Baby Boopsie, Bumsicles, Baby Bear, among other ones that might just happen to come to me one day). On a side note, since Zoë became the baby bear, somewhere along the way Jake became “the Jake bear,” I became “the Lindsay bear” and my family calls us the Bear Family, which is about as cheesy as I get in life.

I adore this glorious New York City and everything it has to offer with new discoveries always around the corner. I have hundreds of Yelp bookmarks of restaurants and cocktail bars I’d like to try, but I equally love experimenting in the kitchen and making my own plant-based concoctions. I’m a bit of an urban hippie who bakes my own sourdough bread, makes handcrafted soaps and candles, brews my own kombucha and ferments nearly anything that makes its way into my kitchen. I’ve always loved creating things and as a kid, I was always painting or making things out of the latest craft book I got from the library. It’s always been such a thrill to realize, “What?! I can make that?!” My family makes endless fun of me for always saying, “It’s easy to make, it only takes five minutes!”

As much as I love being home by myself for hours in the peace and quiet, I also like exploring the world beyond New York flying fancy class with all the airline miles I earn mostly by not flying, a.k.a. travel hacking. It doesn’t get much better at 35,000 feet than a glass of champagne and a lie-flat bed with a pillowy duvet… for free. And I don’t even like champagne all that much.

I’m obsessed with musical theater and am always doing my best to see ALL the Broadway shows, some of the more obsession-worthy ones more than once. Kinky Boots stands at 11, and the Harry Potter Play is at three but that’s only because it hasn’t jumped across the pond from the West End to Broadway yet. Wicked is 22 times and counting, with one of those times being the time I entered the lottery for the 10th Anniversary performance of the West End production, set my alarm for 5am for the time of the drawing, saw I WON and promptly booked a same-day flight to London (an award flight but of course!) because I’m crazy like that! I’m mostly a Type A plan-aheader but a little spontaneity can add a lot of flair and I’m so glad because that 2-day trip turned out to be one of the top five magical experiences of my life.

I’m sentimental and have this insane urge to remember every savory-worthy moment in life, the big but mostly the small, like the everyday moments of enjoying a glass of wine on the terrace on a summer evening with my favorites Jake and Zoë. Ever since getting Zoë, I’ve been keenly aware of the fact that the odds are I will outlive my dog and I will cry if I think about it for too long. I always have my camera at my fingertips to capture every cute and funny thing she does so I’ll never forget. I have thousands of images but most of them go to die on my hard drive because I never look at them there.

Then I discovered the happiness it brought me to get my photos off my hard drive and into my life by surrounding myself with large wall portraits and albums that tell a story. I’m here to keep you from the fate of a photo cemetery, to capture beautiful moments with your fun-loving dog (or goat or horse) and decorate your home with those priceless images for you to enjoy every. single. day. After all, it’s hard to stay annoyed at anyone you love for too long when you’re surrounded by their cute faces.

“The photos turned out beyond amazing, I will treasure these always. My walls are making me smile continuously!! Love. Love. Love. Girl- you’ve got wicked skills! Such a good photographer. I am spoiled to know you.” ~Jolene

So how about it, let’s plan something amazing for you and get this party started! Call me at 917.72239837.2176 or message me here and I’ll call you!