This is Zoë, our new little puppy! I’ve been wanting a puppy for soooo long.

I love all dogs, but it turns out I’m a little particular (me, particular, no way!) about the kind of dog I’m willing to let claim me as its person for life. I grew up with Samoyed (the big white fluffy dogs with curly tails) and Samoyed mixes, and they were the best dogs ever. Samoyeds are wonderful people dogs, but their fluffiness can get a little out of control. So a Samoyed mix it was! Problem is, they are hard to find.

I searched for a long time, and after several times of getting my hopes up, I gave up looking, it was just too heart-breaking. But Jake, being the sweet guy that he is, kept looking every few days for the next year.

Then one Friday night, we were hanging out on the couch and he pulled up Petfinder. Up popped a huge litter of Samoyed mix puppies… in Arizona, and they were up for adoption the very next day. It was a big gamble to fly so far to adopt a puppy but ohmygodtheyaresofuckingcute! Early the next morning I was dropping Jake off at the airport. I would have gone too, but I had a commitment that day and I’m not one to flake unless I literally can’t get out of bed.

Jake got to the Petco where they were bringing the puppies for adoption and was first in line. In the meantime I was biting my nails with butterflies in my stomach and hurriedly searching online for advice on how to train a puppy. Then I got a text with a photo of a cuddly little ball of fur the shelter called Polar Bear. My very own puppy! I’ve only been dreaming of this my whole life long.

Give me any life situation and I can come up with a Friends quote to go with it, and so I really wanted a dog named Phoebe (Pheebs!) but this new little puppy squirming in my arms just wasn’t a Phoebe. She went without a name for a few days until we picked Zoë, which seemed to fit her just perfectly. We decided her middle name would be Bear in honor of the rescue name she was given. Zoë Bear the puppy dog!

Cuddly squirming little puppies grow up so super fast so don’t let cleaning up all the pee and poo on your floors keep you from booking a puppy portrait session with me today! I’m a master puppy wrangler so have no fear. No matter how squirmy your puppy, I WILL get amazing photos of him!